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Since ancient times, adventurers and ​explorers have come to Malaysian shores, attracted by its diverse natural wealth, and embraced by its gentle people. ​

​Today, Malaysia is becoming a destination for a host of nature-based activities and ecotourism. From challenging rock climbing or cross-jungle trekking at different mountain zones to wild rafting in frothing rivers or diving in calm seas to parasailing in the multihued skies – it is all here. ​

More than half of Malaysia’s 329,758 sq km surface is covered by tropical rainforests that host a bewildering array of exotic and protected plants and animals. There are treasures such as rare species of flora and fauna found only at Mount Kinabalu or wondrous geological formations such as Mulu Caves. Even Taman Negara, the world’s oldest rainforest, estimated at 130 million years old can be found here.

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